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A Caféeira

A Caféeira is a Portuguese coffee brand that has a long History and a strong connection to the municipality of Lisbon. The concept behind this rebranding was the symbol of the city, the widely known crow. The project included the brand rebranding, copy, the development of



At Bau, for our master final project, we had to develop a scenic festival identity – a proposal foi Fringe Bcn 2014. Our visual identity was created from the idea “think out of the box”. On one hand we had the conventional world, represented with


Entre comidas

At Bau, for our master final project, we had to develop catering brand to be introduced at a scenic festival – Fringe BCN 2014. We created “Entre Comidas”, a food brand that uses local Spanish sayings originating in several artistic subsectors as a common thread



At BAU, for the packaging discipline, we had to create a new brand, a new product and its very own packaging design. Essai is meant as a brand that speaks to and about real women. Its main product – Essai eau du parfum - comes