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Waldencast is an international brand incubator. The project included the development of a brand and its very own communication style. Waldencast’s project assumed that a dreamer is someone willing to find and fit new perspectives into reality. As a brand incubator, Waldencast envisaged to have the


That Fitster

That Fitster is a real-life healthy lifestyle blog. This brand combines elegance with a bit of fun. The pink dot assumes different graphic behavior, creating a flexible and original language. This project included the brand identity, the stationary, the look and feel of the blog, and


By Algarve

BY ALGARVE is a project that essentially wants to promote the Algarve region’s concept, highlighting ancillary products to the sun that the region has to offer as “Gastronomy & Wines”, “Sports”, “Business”, “Health”, “Nature” and “Culture”. One of the biggest challenges of this project was


Congress Lisbon 2020

The purpose of this project was to create a brand identity to the XIII European Regional Congress of the International Society for Labour and Social Security Law. A brand that should be distinctive, unique and adaptable to different touch points such as posters, flyers,


A Caféeira

A Caféeira is a Portuguese coffee brand that has a long History and a strong connection to the municipality of Lisbon. The concept behind this rebranding was the symbol of the city, the widely known crow. The project included the brand rebranding, copy, the development of


Via Verde 25th anniversary Stamp

The purpose of this project was to create a brand element to celebrate Via Verde’s company 25th anniversary. The graphic element should be combined with the existing brand and be usable in the different applications of the brand – namely for advertising purposes and stationary.



This project included the creation of brand for a family office. The brand assumes a formal and classic language used the three different activities practiced by such family office: management, agriculture and tourism.


Iberwind Annual Report

The purpose of this project was to develop an annual report distinctive but at the same time coherent with the current brand of the company. Iberwind is a Portuguese company that produces wind energy. In this proposal, we humanized the wind by comparing its intensity with



At Bau, for our master final project, we had to develop a scenic festival identity – a proposal foi Fringe Bcn 2014. Our visual identity was created from the idea “think out of the box”. On one hand we had the conventional world, represented with



Simões, Garcia, Corte-Real & Associados is a Portuguese law firm specialized in Industrial and Intellectual Property. Recognized by their clients for their values of proximity and flexibility, the concept behind this rebranding proposal was the connection between different partners and with the clients with whom